From the Czech to Germany

 From the Czech to Germany

The development of the railways made traveling between countries easier and more convenient. German and Czech railways today can offer a much greater selection of destinations and fares for travel within the country and abroad. For example, the route Prague - Hamburg for those who love to travel by train, has become much more affordable. Now go for the weekend to a neighboring country has become very easy. It's so nice to be in a few hours in a different world.

Just sit in the Prague restaurant near the brewery, or contrary to wander on the Dresden Gallery, a bike ride on the Danube or take a walk to shopping area in Munich. Now Czech trains to Germany sent on many routes, mainly from two cities - Brno and Prague. From here you can easily go to Hamburg, Berlin, Nuremberg, Stralsund and Dresden.

If you need to go to another city in Germany, it will not leave work. You can always find a good time for transplants to other trains and buy tickets in advance, so you no extra excitement to enjoy the ride. The best option for family travel, perhaps, be called a one-day network ticket SONE +. He usually bought to the nearest station in Germany and operates at no additional charge. The ticket can be used only on weekends. The exception of public holidays that fall on a calendar on weekdays. But it allows to save money. For example, on the route Prague - Hamburg train trip price will be only 1268 CZK.

For those who go on a trip to the European zone of Karlovy Vary region to the borders of Germany, there are more and more advantageous road fare - EgroNet. Convenience tickets online is that they allow you to travel by train or bus in one country to a selected location in a relatively small amount in any given day. And they are entitled to free transportation of a bicycle as baggage.

This facilitates further movement. Another pleasant surprise for the people who bought tickets EgroNet - this partnership shares, which in the Czech Republic and in Germany you can get a discount of companies participating in the project. Here are some museums and restaurants, and save on the pleasures without prejudice to stay - it is, you see, is always nice. Purchase such tickets on our website or order by phone. Such a system of electronic tickets long operated on airlines around the world.